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July 4, 2008

Kalman Filtering

More about Kalman Filtering on Wikipedia

Lately i am very much fascinated with the power of kalman filtering technique and reading a lot about it. It is so amazing that we can apply Kalman Filtering to so many different fields including Digital Signal Processing,Economics,Stock Market and many more branches of engineering and sciences.

Here are some famous books on Kalman Filtering

Data Assimilation The Ensemble Kalman Filter
by Geir Evensen
Downloadable 15MB File

Digital Signal Processing DSP and Applications
by Dag Stranneby
Downloadable 8MB File

Kalman Filtering Techniques for Radar Tracing
by K.V. Ramachandra
Downloadable 8MB File

Working with Dynamic Crop Models Evaluation, Analysis, Parameterization, and Applications
by Daniel Wallach
Downloadable 4MB File

Nonlinear Filters Estimation and Applications
by Hisashi Tanizaki
Downloadable 1MB File

Some Famous Patents on Kalman Filtering:

Adaptive Kalman Filtering in Fault Classification
Downloadable 2MB File

Kalman Filter with adaptive measurement variance estimator
Download 1MB File

Kalman Filter and Gauass Newton Algorithm
Downloadable 1MB File

Neural Networks
Downloadable 2MB File

Extended Kalman Filtering
Downlodable 2MB File

Kalman Filter Preprocessor
Downloadable 0.5MB File

4 Comments By Users:

Summer said...

Do you notice that "Nonlinear Filters Estimation and Applications
by Hisashi Tanizaki" has been unavailable? Is it possible to fix it?

Thanks alot for sharing!

talkaboutanalog said...

Hi summer,
you can download the same from here.

Krishna said...
the above link is unavailable.... can you fix it....please ..... thnks for sharing

Krishna said...
the above link is unavailable.... can u fix it.... also please provide some baisc books on kalman filter..... thnks for sharing!!!

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