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June 26, 2008

I Think Of You

One of the beautiful love song i heard lately.
One of my friend liked this song so much and asked me post the same.

Lyrics for this song:

When the work seems too hard, and the harvest to slow;
When the vision get marred, and the fire burns low,
I think of You.
When the night seems too long, and the light seems too dim;
When the heart has no song, and the spirit no hymn,
I think of You.

When my body is tired, and my soul is run down;
When I should be in spired, but I'm wearing a frown,
I think of You.
When the world seem un-fair, and the wind is too cold;
When there's no change to spare, and my dreams have grown old,
I think of You.

When the aggressor wins, and the humble man cries;
When the arrogant grins, and the underdog dies,
I think of You.

You are the reason I survive
Through each season of my life.
When I'm confused in side my mind,
I think of You, and perfect peace I find.

If I should look down at the horrible shadows of emptiness,
I would be doomed to a life of defeat in my loneliness.
So I think of You, and the wonders You do.
The thought of You turns gray skies to blue.
When life gets intense, and nothing makes sense,
The tempest relents when I think of You.

I think of You.

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