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July 20, 2007

Vehicle Design

Introduction to Modern Vehicle Design
By Julian Happian-Smith

Lightweight Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Design
By Ron Hodkinson

Motor Vehicle
By T. K. Garrett

Advanced Vehicle Technology
By Heinz Heisler

Electric Vehicle Battery Systems
By Sandeep Dhameja

Electric Vehicle Technology Explained
By James Larminie

DSP for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems
By Hüseyin Abut

Vehicle Stability
By Dean Karnopp

Vehicle Crash Mechanics
By Matthew Huang

Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics
By Thomas D. Gillespie

Tyre and Vehicle Dynamics
By Hans Pacejka

Vehicle Dynamics and Control
By Rajesh Rajamani

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Design Fundamentals
By Iqbal Husain

Nonlinear Dynamics of a Wheeled Vehicle
By Ryszard Andrzejewski

Military Vehicle Modeling
By Phil Greenwood

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