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July 20, 2007

Rubber Technology

Rubber Recycling
By Sadhan K. De

Introduction to Rubber Technology
By Andrew Ciesielski

Physical Testing of Rubber
By Roger Brown

Science and Technology of Rubber
By Mark, James E

Analysis of Rubberlike Polymers
By M.J. Loadman

Rubber, resins, paints and varnishes
By R. S Morrell

Engineering With Rubber How to Design Rubber Components
By Alan N. Gent

Rubber Compounding Chemistry and Applications
By Brendan Rodgers

Chemistry of Dienes and Polyenes
By Zvi Rappoport

4 Comments By Users:

Anonymous said...

Introduction to Rubber Technology
By Andrew Ciesielski

Quimico2009 said...

I download the file but...¿what is the password?

Jose said...

Anonymous...Could you post the password? Thanks

Anonymous said...


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