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July 20, 2007

Reservoir Engineering

Updated on 4th Aug 2009
Oil Spill Risks from Tank Vessel Lightering
By Marine Board Committee on Oil Spill Risks from Tank Vessel Lightering

Handbook of Electrical Engineering For Practitioners in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry
By Alan L. Sheldrake

Oil Field Chemicals
By Johannes Fink

Oil Extraction and Analysis
By D. L. Luthria

Crude Oil Chemistry
By Vasily Simanzhenkov

Onshore Impacts of Offshore Oil
By William J. Cairns

The Basics of Oil Spill Cleanup, Second Edition
By Merv Fingas

Design Aspects of Used Lubricating Oil Re-Refining
By Firas Awaja

Rapeseed and Canola Oil Production, Processing, Properties and Uses
By F. D. Gunstone

Oil Refineries in the 21st Century
By Ozren Ocic

A Working Party Report on the Use of Corrosion Inhibitors in Oil and Gas Production
By J.W. Palmer

Reservoir Engineering Handbook
By Tarek Ahmed

Inverse Theory for Petroleum Reservoir Characterization and History Matching
by Dean S. Oliver

Reservoir Simulation Mathematical Techniques in Oil Recovery (CBMS-NSF Regional Conference Series in Applied Mathematics)
by Zhangxin Chen

The Mathematics of Reservoir Simulation (Frontiers in Applied Mathematics)
by Richard E. Ewing

Lecture Notes On Applied Reservoir Simulation
by Leonard F. Koederitz

Carbonate Reservoir Characterization: A Geologic-Engineering Analysis, Part II (Developments in Petroleum Science)
by H.H. Rieke

Phase Behavior of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids
by Karen Schou Pedersen

Reservoir Formation Damage, Second Edition
by Faruk Civan

Reservoir Engineering Handbook, Third Edition
by Ph.D., P.E., Tarek Ahmed

Stratigraphic reservoir characterization for petroleum geologists, geophysicists, and engineers, Volume 6 (Handbook of Petroleum Exploration and Production)
by Roger M. Slatt

Basics of Reservoir Engineering (Pierson Guides)
by Rene Cosse

Integrated Petroleum Reservoir Management: A Team Approach
by Abdus Satter

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