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July 20, 2007

Aerospace Engineering

Unsteady Aerodynamics, Aeroacoustics and Aeroelasticity of Turbomachines
By by Kenneth C. Hall

Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students
By T. H. G. Megson

Thin-Walled Composite Beams Theory and Application
By Liviu Librescu

Standard Handbook for Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineers
By Mark Davies

Jet Engines Fundamentals of Theory, Design and Operation
By Klaus Hunecke

Civil Jet Aircraft Design
By Lloyd R. Jenkinson

Stirling and Hot Air Engines
By Crowood Press

Air Engines The History, Science, and Reality of the Perfect Engine
By Theodor Finkelstein

Boeing 707/720
By Jim Winchester

Aircraft Engine Design
By Jack D. Mattingly

1 Comments By Users:

Anonymous said...

Dead link for Civil Jet Aircraft Design

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