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February 21, 2009

Steel Structures

Structural Steel Designer's Handbook
by Roger L Brockenbrough
Download 11MB File

Advanced Analysis and Design of Steel Frames
by Gou-Qiang Li
Download 7MB File

Designing with Structural STEEL A Guide for Architects
by American Institute for Steel Construction
Download 2.8MB File

Steel Designer's Manual
by The Steel Construction Institute
Download 8MB File

Guide for the Design of Crane-Supporting Steel Structures
by Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
Download 1.1MB File

Connections in Steel Structures III
by International Workshop on Connections in Steel Structures
Download 40MB File

Steel Products Manual Stainless Steels
by Iron and Steel Society
Download 11MB File

Load & Resistance Factor Design: Manual of Steel Construction
by American Institute of Steel Construction
Download 36MB File

STEEL DESIGN GUIDE Modification of Exsiting Welded Steel moment Frame
by American Institue of Steel Construction
Download 1.5MB File

Steel Bridge Construction, Myths & Realities
by Alford B. Johnson
Download 4.5MB File

Seismic Behavior and Design of Steel Shear Walls
by Abolhassan
Download 2.6MB File

Cold-Formed Steel Design
by Wei-Wen Yu
Download 6.2MB File

Steel Heat Treatment Metallurgy and Technologies
by George E. Totten
Download 33MB File

Steel Structures Design and Behavior (4th Edition)
by Charles G. Salmon
Download 36MB File

Advances in Steel Structures
by S.L. Chan
Download 31MB File

Handbook of Structural Steel Connection Design and Details
by Akbar R. Tamboli
Download 20MB File

Steel Detailers' Manual
by Alan Hayward
Download 3MB File

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