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December 6, 2008


Type 1 Diabetes in Adults
Principles and Practice
by Serge Jabbour
Download 2.9MB File

Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies
by Alan L., MD Rubin
Download 8MB File

Tell Me What to Eat If I Have Diabetes
Nutrition You Can Live With
by Elaine Magee
Download 400KB File

Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes
by American Diabetes Association
Download 200KB File

American Diabetes Association Guidelines 2008
by American Diabetes Association
Download 1.6MB File

Staged Diabetes Management
by Roger Mazze
Download 7.3MB File

Diabetes Mellitus in Children
by Mark A. Sperling
Download 3.56MB File

Educating Your Patient with Diabetes
by Katie Weinger
Download 2.8MB File

Nutrition and Diabetes
Pathophysiology and Management
by Emmanuel Opara
download3.37MB File

Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
by Manfred Ganz
Download 2.7MB File

Beating Diabetes
by David M. Nathan
Download 2MB File

Diabetes in Clinical Practice
Questions and Answers from Case Studies
by Nicholas Katsilambros
Download 10MB File

Care of People with Diabetes
A Manual of Nursing Practice
by Trisha Dunning
Download 1.16MB File

Diabetes Demystified
by Umesh Masharani
Download 1.5MB File

Diabetes Chronic Complications
by Kenneth M. Shaw
Download 3MB File

Obesity and Diabetes
by Anthony H. Barnett
Download 1.7MB File

The Epidemiology of Diabetes Mellitus
by Jean Marie EkoƩ
Download 6.4MB File

Clinical Diabetes Research Methods and Techniques
by Michael Roden
Download 5MB File

Using Insulin Pumps in Diabetes
A Guide for Nurses and Other Health Professionals
by Jill Rodgers
Download 1MB file

Exercise and Sport in Diabetes
by Dinesh Nagi
Download 2.9MB File

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Fairy said...

Thanks for the great post, I started my career in nursing after finishing a associate degree in nursing from associate degree nursing schools

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