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July 29, 2008

Rapidshare Banned BSNL IP Address or India?

Today when i checked a link of rapidshare i was shocked to see this message:

Massive RapidShare hack attempts detected. IP block - blocked. Please call your internet provider.

I think the IP address what they were talking about were from BSNL Dataone or any one else. I use BSNL Dataone and its blocked for me though.

Good we dont need to worry, what we should do is stop using rapidshare using some other file hosting servers like, and there are so many other servers available. Rapidshare is feeling like its monopoly.

I just called one of my friend he is using MTNL internet and he said that even he got the same kind of message.

IP block - blocked.
IP block - blocked.

So it means that rapidshare blocked most part of india? I am not sure about other parts of the world? Is it working in your country.

3 Comments By Users:

Anonymous said...

What is reason behind this action ,
Can you guess,

Anonymous said...

Latest Update:
Rapidshare is working now in india from all internet providers.

talkaboutanalog said...

This is the message i get:


Massive RapidShare hack attempts detected. IP blocked. Please call your internet provider.

This message i got today i mean just now.

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