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July 27, 2008


These are the two famous definitions for Biomass

1. the total mass of living matter in a given unit area
2. plant materials and animal waste used as fuel

Biomass for Renewable Energy, Fuels, and Chemicals
by Donald L. Klass
Downloadable 30MB File

A Geographic Perspective on the Current Biomass Resource Availability
by A. Milbrandt
Downloadable 2MB Filie

The Biomass Assessment Handbook Bio energy for a Sustainable Environment
by Frank Rosillo-Calle
Downloadable 2.3MB File

Energy from Biomass A Review of Combustion and Gasification Technologies
by Peter Quaak
Downloadable 5.2MB File

Synthesis of Transportation Fuels from Biomass Chemistry , Catalysts and Engineering
by G.W. Huber
Downloadable 1.4MB File

Renewables-Based Technology Sustainability Assessment
by Dewulf, Jo
Downloadable 7MB File

Concise Encyclopedia of Bioresource Technology
by Ashok Pandey
Downloadable 10MB File

Bioenergy Options for a Cleaner Environment in Developed and Developing Countries
by Ralph E.H. Sims
Downloadable 15MB File

Bioenergy Realizing the Potential
by Dr. Semida Silveira
Downlodable 13MB File

Thermal Biomass Conversion and Utilization Biomass Information System
by A. Bridgwater
Downloadable 7.5MB File

Synthetic Fuels Handbook
by James Speight
Downlodable 2.1MB File

Small Scale Biomass Gasifiers for Heat and Power A Global Review
by Hubert E. Stassen
Downloadable 700KB File

Integration of Alternative Sources of Energy
by Felix A. Farret
Downloadable 7.6MB File

Fossil Hydrocarbons
by Norbert Berkowitz
Downloadable 15MB File

by Christopher Higman
Downlodable 5MB File

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