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May 27, 2008

How to Recover Deleted Files From PC

So you finally finished writing something on your pc and then accidentally deleted the file? It happens. Luckily, when you delete a file from your computer’s recycle bin, it’s actually just marked for deletion. That means it can be overwritten on
your hard drive by other data, but there’s a good chance it’s still intact—for a while, anyway.

First, step away from the computer. The more you do after the file is deleted, the more likely your PC is to overwrite it. As long as it’s around, though, there are several software options you can use to scan for and recover it.

There are some good solutions,best of all i think is:
For Windows Users: Undelete Plus

1 Comments By Users:

Anonymous said...

you can try Recuva from
for free. There are so many tools on net which claims to be free.
But be very very cautious while using such tools. It may be spy ware / adware etc.
So its better be safe. Have as much as backups as possible

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