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April 6, 2008

How to Download Files From youtube ??

Lot of times i used to think why cant i download files from, for people who are not sure of what youtube is;its number
one site on internet for video sharing. These are some of the ways i use to download files from youtube.

Some of the websites you can use to download videos from youtube are:








Mostly I use KeepVid for downloading videos, the only problem with most of the sites which offer youtube video download is that the file name for the file downloaded will be get_file which you need to rename it to the filename.flv so that you can play that file.

There are number of players available to play youtube videos,i use and recommend VLC Media player.

Learn more about VLC Media Player from Wikipedia as well as from VLC Media Player website

Some people who don't like like .flv format for them there is a very good tool online which i use it is zamzar. Using zamzar you can convert most of the video,audio,image files to your requirement.

If you use blogger there is another option of uploading video files into your blogger account directly. The main advantage of uploading the video files to your blogger account is that you will have control on the files which you post in your blog. In the other option where we just Embed the youtube video code in blogger you never know when the original uploader deletes the file from youtube.

The following video shows further information on how to download from youtube.

2 Comments By Users:

Anonymous said...

Wow , So much ways.
I use E.M. Youtube video download tool.
It's also a very wonderful software.

(1)Download youtube video fastly and easily;
(2)Burn Youtube video to CD/VCD/SVCD/DVD disc;
(3)It can search any flash video from many websites at the same time;
(4)Convert flv video to any audio include mp3, wma,wav,ac3,mmf,amr,ogg,aac..., to any video formats include 3gp,avi,wmv, mpg,mpg4,asf,swf,h264,mov,jpg, that can be supported by PSP,iPod,iPhone,Apple TV video,iTune,mp3,mp4,Zune,Cellphone,Digital camera,DV,CD/DVD/VCD/SVCD.
(5)List all cache flv video;
(6)It can also repiar and capture RTMP video streams.

Anonymous said...

This is great. But I'm using Flash Video Capture It works very well! And It can download videos on multiple website.

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