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March 28, 2008

My Favorite Softwares - Which I use daily


1 Altiris

2 SandboxIE

3 Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

System Tools:

1 Best Free clean up utility : ccleaner

2 Best Antivirus : AVAST(Fast), AntiVir (Bit Slow, but good), AVG (Good, but now part of Microsoft, hence not recommended )

3 Best Fire wall: COMODO

4 Best Spy ware protection: Malware Destroyer

5 Best Feed reader: feedreader

6 Best Alternate Browser: Kmeleon, Safari & FireFox

7 Note Pad Alternative: MetaPad

8 Best CD Burner: Deep Burner (portable), Nero Micro-8

9 Best Photo viewer: irfanview & picasa

10 PC Maintenance tool: Easy cleaner from

11 Personal Version Control: filehamster from

12 Zip: IZArc,

13 Out Look search: Lookout

14 PDF Reader: Foxit reader from

15 Simple screen capture (BMP/JPEG):

16 Terminal Emulator: Tera Term Pro

Audio and Video:

1 Best Media Player(Video) : AVS Media, KmPlayer(Plays even half broken vedio + uses Interal Codec)

2 Best Audio Player : Xmplay from

3 Audio Tools: MP3Gain, Audacity

4. Codex: XPCodec Pack / Klite Codec

5 Light weight media player : Zoom Player

6 Other must have players: Media player classic + Real Alternative + Quick Time Alternative.


Good & Free tools like USB driver remover, Access Password reveal @

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