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February 2, 2008

Whats Keeping me busy?

I could not concentrate in posting lately. What was keeping me busy? primarily i was busy, i bought the domain name and i was quite a bit busy in integrating it with

you can book mark the new page:

I have faced a lot of problems during these integration, i bought the domain name from yahoo and and blog is hosted on blogger,hence there were some issues. I will soon post an article on how to change from blogger to a custom domain name.

Rencetly due the damage to the cables in the Mediterranean Sea, i am facing lot of problems in accessing internet in india. Hopefully my problems will end soon. Internet is very slow and lot of times i am not able to log in to the blogger it self. I am using BSNL internet,but i think its DNS servers are quite slow now. Some one has suggested me to use opendns as best alternative, i dont know whether thats the best alternative or not, if some one knows better DNS server ip address i will really appriciate it.

I know that i will loose my google page rank and alexa ranking by choosing this step, but still i always wanted to have a custom domain, that was the big mistake i made, i always feel that it is better to buy a domain name first then start the blog.

What i might do later on, probably in 2-3 months time, will try to migrate to wordpress, i believe its the most powerful blogging platform available online.

What happend to my USB Memory contest. The answer is yes its still there. I will anounce the 4 lucky winners in the last week of Feb-2008. What you need to do if you want to compete for the USB memory stick. Just subscribe to my blog through E-mail.

I have started updating my old posts now, and i see that in some posts there are broken links, so my primary objective will be to remove the broken links and update them with fresh links, which i will be continuously doing from now.

Latest change was done to the post on Solution Manuals:

Will not post too many things this month but will try to make the links in old posts work. I will really appreciate if you guys can send me the broken links or the name of the authors for those books.

Any comments on this post are most welcome. You can always send an E-mail to:

Thats all from my side. Have a Happy Weekend.

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