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February 9, 2008


Lately i am having lots of personal issues,some times feel like committing suicide, don't know what to do though. Can any one suggest me any anti depressants which really work. Really appreciate some ones help in this regard. I am not having financial problems though, its simply problems with life, i know its weird to say that here in the blog but i don't know what to do.

Kindly suggest me some thing so that i can be cool and happy for at least some time in life. Due these problems my posting frequency will be little reduced this month.

Lessons learnt in life:

Never trust some one just like that.

I expect lot of comments for this post as i am very much depressed with life and don't know what to do.

11 Comments By Users:

Anonymous said...

First I have to say the old and often used, suicide is no solution.

The fact you have to face is that you have to solve the problem on your own, anti-depressive drugs are a bysolution
for short time induced psychological therapy (or if
depressions are chronical for

for the most people this works

a.) analyse your situation
b.) know the problem
c.) face it
d.) go outside and see the sunlight*
e.) find a new view on your problem
f.) find a new way/solution
g.) face the person which missused
your trust

but sometimes a human being
needs professional psychological help, or just someone to talk about, and therefore analyse
yourself if you need this or not, but don't hesitate to change your mind on this.

And the most important thing
to stand this situation is
not to neglect your life as it is,
maintain your daily duties
as before, job, hygene, clothing,
to keep on track.

If your sleeping rythm has changed
try to reset it to "normal",
wake up in the early, go to sleep
in evening, give it a try even
if it's hard to do so.

*a lack of sunlight can trigger
a depression or depressive thoughts.

Anonymous said...

i agree to everything the above person has said..just slug it out..remember "when the going gets tough,the tough get going"..and try to talk to ur friends..theres nothing which'll cheer u up more than case u want some one to talk to,lemme know..ill be glad to be of help..ive been reading ur blog for quite some time now and u come across as a very sensible person..please do let me know if u want someone to talk to..take care dude..
and dont even think of giving up and committing suicide..theres someone somewhere who loves u more than the world..

analogman said...

Thanks for your comments. I really dont know why i am thinking like this.I was always kind of different person kind of thing and used to believe in people. That belief has screwed me i think. Any will update on what i am going to do on the same.

Anonymous said...

belief in people is one of the best qualities any person can have..there is always someone who might screw up ur belief..but thats just one person out of billions of others..dont lose ur belief because of the actions of one person..the world is filled with better people..u have to believe that..just power through dude..make a list of all the things that u have ever wanted to do..go ahead and do them..recreate of my friends always says "live,dont exist"..

Cheeni Climate said...

i use to think like this sometimes...
but after a deep analysis i found that because we lose something we try to give a reason for that. In due course we find fault with many things and blame the situation. We often blame the things which are not actually involved in the situation.


The post hoc fallacy: Because an event occurred before we lost something.

Over analysis of the situation: We do keep on thinking rather than acting over the situation.

Possible solution:

Enjoy artistic skills like music, paintings etc.;
Cocktail parties

Few words for you :

centuries pass away........

celebs keep changing..........

tables turn..........

patience loses its kingdom........

randomness increases..........

as i keep staring at the blink of eye.......

love , affection , .....and anything else for that matter
may die.........

but memories are alive for ever and ever.......

at every blink of eye....

history always rules.......

history decides the future........

This Day should be a reminiscence at the age of 60......

Strengthen your impressions on this world........

know about me

ethelbert said...

I'm sorry to hear that analogman... There are always ups and downs... There are days when we are off. I believe that humans are not built to be ecstatic all time.

Depression comes but you have to fight it. This is just a normal process of life. . Get some chocolates, it will help a bit.

Go out and make some new friends. I can volunteer to be one...

talkaboutanalog said...

Thanks all for your support and words,i dont know how much i feel to hear that there is some one in this world who want to listen to me when i am in sorrow and when i am in happy.
Really Thankful to you all.

A Freind said...

Analogman, You have taken a major and important step in identifying your state of mind. So many of the unlucky ones don't. I won't give an archair diagnosis but will say that feelings of depression can be caused by many things, psychological, physical, biochemical environmental etc. Being let down or betrayed by a freind, frustration at not reaching carrer milestones, many many things can be internalised in the mind and overanalysed until thay can no longer be accepted at face value. Harming yourself is NEVER an option. If you really feel the need to hurt yourself and it's more than just casual. If your sleeping habits have changed significantly, particularly if you are waking up very early and unable to go back to sleep. Then seek professional help, _now_, there are dedicated professionals who have trained long and hard and learned to solve complicated problems, just like us engineers.

If on the other hand, these are just transient feelings, then don't despair. Get away from your computer and go for a brisk walk, see and hear the things around you
it can work wonders.

Barcelona boy said...

I was in the same situation last year, and it lasted 6 months. I didn't think about suicide (I love my family and friends too much for that) but I just wished I wouldn't wake up one fine morning.

In the end it just passed. There are a few thinks you can do:

1- take it easy, distract yourself with whatever helps you to think about nothing. Take a long walk, watch a movie, eat like a pig, play Isketch, watch Monty Phyton, sleep a lot.

2- do not neglect yourself. Take a shower everyday, shave, get a haircut, keep your house clean.

3- seek professional help. Psichiatrists or psychologists can help a lot. And don't give up if you don't connect with the first ones, keep trying.

4- do something that keeps you busy. Maybe change your job if you can. Maybe help a friend who works, let's say, in a pet shop; a change of activity will help you to regain the fun of working and elarning something new (it worked fine for me!!)

5- Don't push yourself with a quick recovery. Remember that you are ill, just as if you had hepatitis, it will take some time to recover.

6- if your problem has something to do with another person, just be brave, face that person, tell him
/her what is the problem and how things will have to be in the future, let him/her now that they are causing you a serious problem, but don't blame them, just let them know. In my case, there was a person who caused my collapse, but in the end I found that I was the sole responsible of my problem, because I didn't have enough guts to face him and tell him to stop with whatever he was doing to me. And by talking we found out that we both were to blame and we both made mistakes, and we agreed that in the future our communication would be more transpartent. And it worked just fine, and the big thing is: that person is my boss!! This means it works.

Be strong, but take it easy. Don't let yourself down, but don't try too hard either. Take your time and go step by step.

And sorry for my bad english!!!!

analogman said...

Thanks barcelona boy for your comments. It really gave me some courage to face the things. I am slowly deciding that i should not escape from problems,instead i have to do some thing to overcome them.

Anonymous said...

This is such a good blog, you've obviously made a big effort. If you are still having problems maybe you should work less and spend some of the money you've earnt on doing fun stuff. Relax, kick back, party etc. Take it easy, we need good people in this world.

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