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January 25, 2008

War Against Mosquitoes

Mosquito : A small and very versatile insect mostly gets feed from animals and humans. They adapt them selves very quickly for the ever-changing environments including pesticides and pollutions.

Interesting facts about mosquitoes:
1) Female mosquitoes only bite the humans / animals, while male is fed by floral nectars.
2) Mosquitoes have greater affinity towards black color backgrounds to avoid detect ability.
3) They can see you even in pitch dark – has compound eyes equipped with infra red vision
4) Can smell you from far distance of 50 meters.
5) They are identifying the humans using the humidity and carbon monoxide present in the exhaled air.
6) The typical life span is of 2 to 3 weeks (Vary from Species to Species).
7) Each female can lay 200 to 300 eggs at a time. (Imagine 2 mosquitoes today might have multiplied to 4063545151 just in 70 Days – Assuming 50% of them are females)
8) The mosquito you see, has breaded around you some ware within 50 feets away from you.
9) The larva can hatch even in a t-spoon of water.

So its important to kill that 1 mosquito you see today itself, else it will come as 4063545151 mosquitoes and bite you – scary! Its not just biting! It may also award you with some free diseases like dengue and other kinds of fevers.

I still remember, when I was a small boy (in late 70s), my grand father used to give me 10 paisa for killing 20 mosquitoes. At that time it was a huge pocket money for me : ) We had so much around our area.

Destroying Mosquitoes:
1) Mosquito Coils: It doesn’t kill them. But it just repels away from you. Once the coil is over, it will come and bite you with so much hunger / anger!
2) Liquidator: Same as above. Plus the bonus you get is, its not safe for humans in the long run.
3) Skin creams: Same as above.
4) Electric Pesto Flash: Not all species are attracted by blue lights. But certain wavelength does attract them to some extent.
5) Mosquito magnets: Not available in all countries and not portable.
6) Mosquito Swat: The very effective ones as on today. Bonus you get some physical exercise too while running behind the mosquito like the one you do with your Wii.
Take away: Mosquitoes – Kill it !

Want to read more about Mosquitoes you can do that at Wikipedia

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