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January 4, 2008

Software Virtualization

I want all the software available on earth in my Windows system, still the PC Should run at top speed. (OR) I want the software to be there when I want & I Don’t want them when I don’t.
Are you the guy (gal ?) like me?
YES..! Practically its impossible to achieve.
Then, Virtually ??
The answer is Yes. !! Its possible.
How ?
Here helps software virtualization.

There are so many software virtualizations available on earth. Many are pay and use. But here is one very good FREE (For personal use) available from Symantec called Altiris. Just download the software by clicking this button and register it for free.

Altiris Juice
Install it.

There are excellent manuals available on the web I don’t want to duplicate them here. But a short hint will be of great use.I assume that, now you have successfully installed the Altiris & rebooted your system. If by chance you may get an error during installation of Altiris, saying some thing like, some files are in use & it may ask you to reboot. Even after N’ number of reboots, if you are getting the same error then follow this.

STEP 1) If you have the setup as EXE, execute it, provide the key, check all the 4 check boxes when prompted. After next you will still get the error message don’t worry about that.

STEP 2) Now copy the below contents in between the dotted lines in notepad and make it as a batch file (OR) type it in the command prompt from the same folder where you have the setups.
msiexec.exe /qn /i sofware_virtualization_agent.msi PRODUCT_KEY=[license key, without brackets] D_FSLRDR="[Full path name without spaces and long name of the Folder where you want the virtual contents to be, without brackets]" INSTALL_ADMIN=1 REBOOT=ReallySuppress

For me it was like this:

msiexec.exe /qn /i sofware_virtualization_agent.msi PRODUCT_KEY=bc65a-wiy8u-e89de-c3cv4 D_FSLRDR="F:\Virual" INSTALL_ADMIN=1 REBOOT=ReallySuppress

Hope this helps you out in the installation.

Now we will see how to use it. Say for example you want to try Microsoft Office XP in your machine, just open altiris > File>Create New Layer> Choose Install application>Provide a name to identify this layer. Browse for the Microsoft Office XP’s Setup file and click next. Just verify the info box and continue with the standard way of installing Office. Now, open your Altiris Software Virtualization Admin and make sure that the captured layer is in BOLD, if not, just right click on that and make it active.
Wola ..! You see the MS Office icons on the Desktop / Quick Launch / Start menu Programs.
Now, in Altiris Software Virtualization Admin, just right click on the active layer & deactivate it. WOW !! All icons vanished, including registry entries, file association and the installed folder.

Let us do the magic again. Right click and activate the layer. All are back in track.

Let us do one more magic. You can even Export the installed application in to .VSA File & import it in a different machine running on different version of OS.

For tried and tested software hit this link

One more surprise for you. Suppose you have messed up with the software after installing and you wish to roll back to the previous state only for the messed up application, just right click on the layer and choose reset. All are back to original default.

Another surprise: We can have different versions of same software in different layer, working fantastically with out any troubles. Why don’t you just try such a "great free" software ?

How this guy works ?

Want more?
Ready made VSA/Apps
Getting Started
Multi media demo

TIPS: To create / capture new layers, the other layers should be turned off.
You can turn off all the layers simultaneously by typing "SVSCMD D" in command prompt and to turn on all type "SVSCMD A".

CAUTION: SVS does NOT provide any protection against malware, spyware and virus infections. So, install only the software from known sources. Next time I will tell you how to escape from malware, spyware and virus on inter net.
Happy Computing & Happy New year !

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