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January 23, 2008

My Feedburner Feed Statistics

I was having a casual talk with some of my friends who are mostly technical guys and i realized that, most of them are not even aware of what an RSS feed is, why do we need to use feeds. Infact some of them have argued that there is no point in going for feed.

These are the reasons what i think feeds should be used.

Time Reduction:

Usually i used to visit around 50 websites/blogs every day and imagine the amount of time it takes to check each website/blog, and lot of times there wont be any update in those websites/blogs, so what is the way that i can read them all at one place,
use RSS feeds.

Next Question what they asked me was what are the advantages of using RSS feeds.

Here is the answer for it, actually you can directly check the latest updates of all those blogs simply subscribing to their feeds, Best part is 90% of the times feeds wont have Advertising.

One more advantage of using feeds is that in lot of places where you work or in colleges,usually my space,blogger etc.. are blocked so you have no means to access your favorite blogs, hence feeds can make your life easy by allowing access those websites.

Again when i discussed with my friends about RSS feeds they had lot of questions on why only use feedburner feeds, the answer is really simple, there are many ways that you can track the traffic to any website/blog like google analytics or so many other things, but they only track the number of unique visitors to your blog and some other statistics, what they lack is a feature which feedburner has got.

You can actually get the count of how many people have visited your blog through feeds, and so many other options to talk about.

Using feedburner, you can actually make your feeds look what ever way you want, you have a flexibility of subscribing to feeds or feeds through E-mail.

What are the different programs available in market for subscribing to feeds, in fact there a lot of them but i used at some point of time the following feedreaders.

Google Feedfetcher

My Yahoo

These are the web based feed aggregators, there are bunch of other things like Rojo,
Great news,Feed Reader etc.

The Title of this post says My feedburner Feed Statistics and you might be wondering where are the statistics. Here are the statistics.

Feed Count:

What are different feed readers majority of my subsribers are using:

Now the point what you ask me is why I want to increase my feed subscribers.
In fact the more the number of feed subscribers the more my work will get exposed, and i will be able to deliver better results. I have set a target of at least 500+ subscribers by the end of Feb'2008.

You can subscribe to Analog and Other Stuff through Feed.

Alternatively if you want to subscribe to the feed through E-mail

As of now at the time of writing this article i have 282 subscribers.

Here is a video giving some information about what are RSS feed is and why you should use them.

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