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August 2, 2007


This post is on a special request from the user of this blog. He has requested for Ebooks on CDMA and GSM Technologies.

CDMA Systems Engineering Handbook
By Jhong Sam Lee

Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition
By Jonathan Corbet

CDMA Systems Capacity Engineering
By Kiseon Kim

Spread Spectrum and CDMA Principles and Applications
By Valeri P. Ipatov

W-CDMA and cdma2000 for 3G Mobile Networks
By M.R. Karim

Cdma Mobile Radio Design
By John B. Groe

Theory and Applications of OFDM and CDMA
By Henrik Schulze

Theory of Code Division Multiple Access Communication
By Kamil Sh. Zigangirov

Multi-Carrier and Spread Spectrum Systems
By K. Fazel

Wireless Communications over MIMO ChannelsApplications to CDMA and Multiple Antenna Systems
By Volker Kuhn

OFDM for Wireless Communications Systems
By Ramjee Prasad

Multi-Carrier Technologies for Wireless Communication
By Carl R. Nassar

2 Comments By Users:

Syed Tamoor said...

Can anyoe tell me the password of LDD3.rar file?

Linux Device drivers by jonathan corbet.

talkaboutanalog said...

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