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July 21, 2007

Stem Cell

This post is last updated on July29,2008. Broken links are removed and added some net books.Kindly some on post a comment on which rapidshare links are not working as rapidshare blocked my internet provider. Also you request for some more books you want on stem cells. Thanks.

Essentials of Stem Cell Biology
By R Lanza

Embryonic Stem Cells
By John R. Masters

Stem Cell and Gene-Based Therapy
By Alexander Battler

Embryonic Stem Cell Protocols
By Kursad Turksen

Adult Stem Cells
By Kursad Turksen

Stem Cells From Bench to Bedside
By Ariff Bongso

Stem Cells in Endocrinology
By Linda B. Lester

Stem Cells and The Future Of Regenerative Medicine
By Committee on Biological & Biomedical Application

Neural Stem Cells: Development and Transplantation

Becoming Immortal Combining Cloning and Stem-Cell Therapy
By Stanley Shostak

Mechanics of the Cell
By David Boal

Computational Cell Biology
By Christopher Fall

Stem Cells Scientific Progress And Future Research Directions
By National Institutes of Health
Downloadable 4.11MB File

Stem Cells From Hydra to Man
by Thomas C.G. Bosch
Downlodable 26MB pdf File

2 Comments By Users:

Anonymous said...

Essentials of Stem Cell Biology
By R Lanza

Anonymous said...

Adult Stem Cells
By Kursad Turksen

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