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July 18, 2007

Improving the Education in Government organizations

“ Many Parents say that for my entire education till the graduation I did not spend One year Tuition fees of my Child !!!! “, It is not a surprise, it is truth.

This kind of debates or discussions happend many times on different forums on the topic of Improving the quality of the Education in Government organizations, here I want to share my views & experiences with Government and Corporate Organizations.

Whenever you ask any parents about where your kid studies, he proudly replies with a Big corporate school name & starts telling the Greatness of the school, their fee structures, Multi culture ness & different cultural activates etc.
When you ask him, don’t you have any Government school near to you, he will say it is there. then you ask him, why don’t you send your kid there. He will argue with some points,
The first point they speak about is the non availability of faculty & their qualifications. Second one is Buildings & Infrastructure.
When you go to GOVT school & look at things he mentioned, you too agree whatever he said.

Most of the corporate colleges in urban or private colleges in semi urban recruits faculty on contract based or part time from un employed Graduate , in rare cases the Post graduates Students on Consolidated academic year based. The same Faculty member who is teaching for Higher education or Plus two students will join the state GOVT teacher post ones he selects for it. What I mean here is the Same faculty who teaches for higher studies goes to upper primary schools. This shows the qualification of GOVT schoolteachers & their ability.

Infrastructure :
I agree that now a days corporate schools have Very good infrastructure Including class rooms, play grounds & Projectors etc. this does not mean that GOVT schools does not have it, Some of them may not be, but most of them have it. Corporate School charges at least 10 to 15 Thousand non refundable advance for even below 1st class students, where as GOVT School charges None other than exam fee of 100 Rupees or less. For corporate it is like a business we need to buy the class room books from their store itself & school uniform from their suggested shop itself, Transportation charges at least Rs 5000 /- pear year, apart from Tuitions fess at least each students spends min 500 rupees per month.
On an average a student pays 15-17 Thousand per year, how many parents can afford for this much payment.

How to Improve:

How to Improve the attendance in GOVT schools & How to make the quality of education.
I believe we can do with certain Rules from GOVT and pushing from educated people.

1) All teachers and Government officers kids should go to GOVT schools., it makes the faculty to teach in efficient way, as they know their kids are the in the class.
2) Educated people should send their Children to Government School, which alerts faculty to attend regularly as the parents keep a eye on their kids studies.

The above things further it helps to improve the infrastructure as there is a constant monitoring of parents on their Kids education.

Initiatives :
GOVT has to keep certain rules of Studying the GOVT officers Kids in GOVT schools, Educated people has to take the initiations to send their children to GOVT schools parents should ask for Infrastructure Development.
Parents should Monitor the Faculty Attendance.

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