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June 23, 2007

Probability Ebooks

Probability Demystified
by Allan G. Bluman

Probability Theory One

Comparative Statistical Inference
By Vic Barnett

Lectures on Probability Theory and Statistics
By Sergio Albeverio

Probability, Random Variables, and Stochastic Processes
By Athanasios Papoulis ,S.Unnikrishna Pillai

Probability and Statistics Crash Course

Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics for Engineers
By T. T. Soong

Between Necessity And Probability

Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers 3/e
D.C. Montgomery,& G.C.Runger

Soluton Manual:

7 Comments By Users:

Anonymous said...


does anybody know how to convert DJVU file to pdf file? i having a problem to do it. As you know once i downloaded the .rar file, then i unzipped it & try to open it with acrobat but failed to read it. then using the acrobat distiller to convert it also failed. as i understand that most of the file in .rar format when been unzipped can't be read by acrobat reader because the file format is DJVU.
does anyone know how to solve this problem? thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

I guess it will solve your problem.

Anonymous said...


do you have a ebook and solution manual of Digital Design 3rd Edition by Morris, Mano?

it will bea great help tnx so much..

Anonymous said...

Digital Design Book
by M. Morris Mano

Anonymous said...

Digital Design 4/e by Mano, Ciletti - Solutions Manual Only
by M. Morris Mano

Anonymous said...

Can i request for Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers 3/e
D.C. Montgomery,& G.C.Runger and its solution manual? The link given is dead..


Anonymous said...

do anybody have solution manual for probabilty and statistics by K.J. Hastings

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