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June 17, 2007

Database and SQL Related Ebooks

Algorithms and Data Structures
By Niklaus Wirth

SQL for MySQL Developers: A Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference
By Rick F. van der Lans

Object-Oriented Oracle
By David Taniar

Learning PHP and MySQL
By Michele Davis Jon Phillips

Excel as Your Database
By Paul Cornell

OCA: Oracle 10g Administration Study Guide

IBM DB2 9 New Features
By Paul Zikopoulos

Beginning Database Design
By Gavin Powell

LINQ: The Future of Data Access in C# 3.0
By Joe Hummel

Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices 1st Edition, 2001-04
By Steven Feuerstein

Oracle Regular Expressions Pocket Reference
By Jonathan Gennick

Oracle Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Solutions
By Robert Stackowiak

Database Administration: The Complete Guide to Practices and Procedures
By Craig S. Mullins

Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining
By John Wang

Visual Data Mining
By Mihael Ankerst

Privacy Preserving Data Mining
By Jaideep Vaidya

Database Design for Mere Mortals
By Michael J. Hernandez

Oracle 9i The Complete Reference

Excel as Your Database
By Paul Cornell

Oracle Database 10g: A Beginner's Guide

OCP: Oracle 10g Administration II Study Guide

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