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June 9, 2007

Computer Architecture Ebooks

Now with some Ebooks on Computer Architecure

Principles of Computer Architecture

Computer Organization and Architecture, Sixth Edition
By william Stallings

Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance (International Edition), Sixth Edition

Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing
By Hesham El-Rewini

Introduction to Parallel Computing

Introduction to Parallel Processing: Algorithms and Architecture

6 Comments By Users:

Hira said...

Hello, none of the above links for William Stallings's Computer Organization and Architecture are working. Could you please post it again? I'll be grateful.


Anonymous said...

Computer Organization and Architecture, 6th edition
by William Stallings

Anonymous said...

some more additional books on computer architecture at:

Hira said...

Thanks for the link but it isn't really working. I am able to download a .rar file but when I open that using winrar it says that the file is damaged or in an unknown format. Could you please lemme know whats wrong?

Thanks a lot once again.

Anonymous said...

i need pdf file on this book

"Computer System Architecture"
3rd edition
author: M.Morris Mano

JENNIFER said...

please send me solution for computer system architecture bu morris mano

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